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INTER HIGH is a panfandom sports anime exchange open to both fanfiction and fanart!  We’ve got a ton of fandoms represented (click here for the full list or here for what fandoms have been offered/requested), and we’d love to see people make fanwork for all of them! :D

Sign ups close on Sept. 28, 2014, so JOIN NOW!

Signups: September 1-28
Assignments go out: October 1
Check-In: October 15
Works Due: November 1 @ 11:55PM UTC (countdown here / time zone converter here)
Pinch Hitting Period: November 2-9
Works Revealed: November 10
Creators Revealed: November 16

Please help us spread the word about the exchange by reblogging this post and telling your friends. See you at the inter high!!

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meet milla, she is my new baby kitten and i cannot believe how much i love her

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Today my boyfriend bought a label maker

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look at him grow

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Anonymous asked:
draw wally wearing mittens



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This took me sooo long to finish, my wrist hurts now ;_;

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have some transparent rib/rhyme tags

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In the end of second season, Makoto and Haru decided to attend Tokyo University together. And because they’re such dorks, they ended up being lost around the campus on their first day because they are so helpless with reading the map. They forgot the place they were at, they keep on getting intimate with each other whenever they go to the wrong place to the point students have been noticing and branded them as That Idiotic Married Couple Who Can’t Find Their First Class. HA! Well I needed to do this to heal my aching heart after yesterday’s episode so yeah just sharing some idiotic makoharus TAT


It will be… in our dreams if you believe in them enough to make it real

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Protect Wally at all costs.

He is too precious.

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reblog if this cat is prettier than you

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