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okay so

there’s this multi-chapter fanfic i have not read (because i prefer oneshots to multi-chapter fics) but i am aware of its existence and i’m aware of the fact that a rinharu kiss was included in what was advertised as a makoharu fic.

i read some comments and author responses on the fic and i am just going to offer my opinions. (well, i’m an opinionated person…) and what i have to say is for everyone and not just one specific person. no, really. i can’t say anything to this one specific person because i didn’t read their fic. this opinion really is for everyone.

to fanfic authors: you can’t just include a kiss (or other hints) of a ship that the fic is not advertised as. well if you do, at least warn readers before they start reading the fic at all. unless there is a really good reason why that kiss is integral to the plot and there’s a really good reason that readers absolutely must not know about it beforehand? but yeah i’d say that most of the time, either warn readers from the beginning or don’t include that part at all.

to fanfic readers: you have every right to be upset if a fic author does this. and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. and it IS okay to give an author criticism, as long as you aren’t overly harsh and mean. but honest criticism is perfectly fine.

explanation: some people have ships they do not like. some people are cool with any ship, but to those people i have to say, you need to realize that there are some people who honestly just don’t want to see things related to certain ships!! and you know what? there’s nothing wrong with that. there’s nothing wrong with disliking a ship (as long as you don’t tag your negative posts about the ship). people who dislike a ship simply try to avoid the ship they dislike and read fics about the ship they do like. so if they deliberately try to avoid something, and then it pops up anyway, YES they are going to be disappointed and they have every right to be.

i’m upset because i saw that some people thought of those disappointed readers as “the ugly side of the fandom” or something and that makes me a little angry. no it’s not “ugly” or wrong in any way to have a ship you dislike and to read a fic about a ship you do like and be completely caught off guard to read about your “notp” doing certain things together. okay?

and then the last point i want to make is just a general piece of advice for artists, writers, any creative person- including myself, i have learned this lesson too- if you create something, and a bunch of different people all have the same complaint about it, then you need to seriously consider that they might be right. if it’s hardly anyone at all complaining, then there may not be much of a problem. but if it’s several people then it’s more likely that maybe they have a point.

EDIT: if you still don’t understand why this is such a problem, i tried to explain more!

Okay, look. 

I know it’s annoying when a fanfiction starts as one ship, is tagged as one ship, and turns out to be another ship. God knows I’ve been annoyed by that shit in the past, in other fandoms. 

But the work in question? Yeah, that was not one of those cases.

Since OP has not been following the work in question, and I have been, let me clear a few things up for you. 

The kiss that people are freaking out about was was explicitly stated to be nothing more than experimental, and meant absolutely nothing to either involved parties. Except, you know, practice. Both characters literally said that outright numerous times throughout the scene. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of subtext that suggested the kiss meant anything at all to either of them (especially seeing as one was engaged, and the other in the early stages of a relationship).

If people are so insecure about their ship that that was enough to make them doubt which relationship the story was “really” about, then that’s their problem, and certainly not the author’s. But certain (not all, but a certain irritating minority) shippers got all bent out of shape and decided to take it upon themselves to barrage the author, who had taken time out of their day to share a story (for free… no pun intended) with the rest of us, with hate. Over nothing. To the point where the author has now abandoned the story because they don’t want to deal with all the bullshit.

This is never okay. 

I don’t care what the author did. Even if this wasn’t people getting riled up and angry over literally nothing at all, even if the author really had switched ships mid-fic, even if your notp of all notps suddenly became canon…. it is never okay to harass an author over their work because you personally don’t like what they’ve done

You don’t like the work? You don’t like where the story is going? Close the tab, or scroll down on your dash, or just do whatever it is you need to do so you can’t see it anymore, and move on with your life.

I know it’s frustrating when you open a work expecting one ship, but end up with another, but this is not one of those cases, and even if it were, that doesn’t give you the right to act like a spoiled brat about it. 

I cannot stress this enough: don’t message someone who put honest work into something and tell them it’s no good because it doesn’t cater to your every whim. Authors aren’t here to spoon feed you exactly what you want, they’re here to tell the story that they want to tell.

Seriously, people need to grow the fuck up. 

I haven’t followed the fic or the results, but I do have a vague idea of what’s going on. Anyway, I wanted to point out a few very important and good things the above blogger wrote:

“ it is never okay to harass an author over their work because you personally don’t like what they’ve done. “

"I cannot stress this: don’t message someone who put honest work into something and tell them it’s no good because it doesn’t cater to your every whim. Authors aren’t here to spoon feed you exactly what you want, they’re here to tell the story that they want to tell."

When it comes to big fandoms and things like shipping, people do tend to forget authors and artists are here sharing the things THEY want to do. You don’t have to agree with the author’s or artist’s points of views, ships, techinques ect. but please for god’s sake don’t go harass them about these things..! No one wants it, not especially a person who has put his/her soul into the work, spend the free time with it and enjoys of what he/she is doing. If we keep blaming them for not giving us the results and material we wan’t they soon stop working or sharing their works. Nothing is more depressing for an author or an artist as lack of inspiration which occurs from hate and outer expectations. I know this both as an artist and an author (and parf ot Free! dating game group, as we have gotten SO MANY demands of how things should be). 

Every new fic, pic, edit et. enriches the fandom. People should be allowed to enjoy their favorite characters ans series freely without outside demands of how things should be. There are already so many expectations people feel in their real lives coming from society, school/work, friends, media ect. Having an escape route with the series and characters you love by working with a fic, pic, edit ect. is something we should encourage each others towards to. 

There are no right ways expressing your love for the series. Only different ways and we can never demand or even ask others to follow the way we’re walking with. 

This feels like it’s gotten way long, and I’m going to admit that I know nothing about the situation being spoken about. So I’m going to make this brief:

Stop trying to dictate what your fellow fans can and cannot do in their own work.

And this especially applies if you haven’t contributed jack yourself, and just view and read. If there was a single guideline or a class on “How to be a Good Fan: 101,” do you understand how small any fandom would be? Fans don’t have to be fantastically amazing artists or writers.

As a writer, it is infuriating to see someone — and I’m looking at you, OP — tell others “demand what you want, shame the authors!” Are you joking? If you want a fanfic to go the way you want, write it yourself or move on. The end. End of story.


yea but look at this picture of naoto in a party hat

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i love that part of dmmd when koujakus introduced and its like


and then the realizes its aoba and gets all


and the guys in the back change from


"ooh whats goin on"



"is it just me or did it get really gay just now"

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i want to see more of them -ω-

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i am an adult with an adult living room wall and poor lighting

(the majority of these are from anime north 2014 with a few from various ai-kons, LET ME KNOW if your art is here because i’d love to follow you or find more of your stuff!)

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I can’t either, and I mean fair enough I’m a confirmed multishipper but there’s usually one that rises up but NOT IN KNB it’s too much.

YEAH i mean with me i appreciate a lot of ships in various fandoms but there’s always at least one or AT LEAST TWO that stand out and that i end up reading tons of fic for and everything, but it IS too much in knb. this gay basketball life is too much.

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vociferocity asked: Once you get this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself, and then send it to your 10 favourite followers :)

i’m so bad at these but thank you!! <3 here’s a fandom edition i guess since i’ve been into so many new things lately!

1. the first anime series i properly watched (that wasn’t an english dub staple like pokemon, digimon or sailor moon) was kyou kara maou! and i still have a LOT of feelings about it; i miss it a lot and get really sad that there isn’t a fourth season. i do have the manga though and i need to get to reading that soon!

2. the last anime i watched just this morning was gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, which is HILARIOUS AND PERFECT AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH IT PLEASE it’s airing this season and i cannot wait to see more omg

3. the last tv show i finished was happy endings which is so good and hilarious and filled the funny cute friends hole in my heart himym left by ending and i cannot believe it was cancelled!! ON THE BRIGHT SIDE THOUGH i’ve started watching brooklyn nine-nine and i love it a lot too, so i’m excited for that!

4. the last game i finished was virtue’s last reward, which was REALLY GOOD though it left me with so many questions and i really need a continuation. 8( i recommend the zero escape series a lot to anyone who appreciates a dark, creepy mystery with really intricate storytelling!

5. i STILL CAN’T PICK AN OTP FOR KUROKO NO BASUKE AND THIS BOTHERS ME ON A REALLY DEEP FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL. why isn’t there an otp. there’s always an otp. julie. get your shit together.

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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

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you rang?

This sailor moon scene is so funny, i just could imagine Riku running for Sora hahaha.